The Attractions Podcast

Attractions Magazine’s Expansion Drive - Premier Episode

May 10, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of our new audio-only podcast, Expansion Drive! The name is inspired by the fact that the show expands on Attractions Magazine's original mission of bringing you theme park and attractions news. We still bring you the best theme park news, but this show will expand upon that and bring you news and discussion about everything fun, including video games, television, movies, music and more.


Your host Mike Kerrigan is joined by friends Didi and Kelsey each week. You may know Mike from his "Daycation Kingdom" family vlog on our website and YouTube channel. Kelsey and Didi have made frequent appearances on "Daycation Kingdom" and Kelsey has reported for "Attractions Magazine - The Show". They're both admittedly "geeky nerds" who love all things pop culture and have strong opinions about it.


We welcome your suggestions and want you to be a part of the discussion as well. Please send your comments to info@attractionsmagazine or connect with the show on Twitter @AttractionsEXP.


If you're looking for our video podcast, "Attractions Magazine - The Show", you can find it each Thursday on our website at and on our YouTube channel at


Special thanks to Tony Longworth at for our theme song, "Chillwave".